Friday, November 7, 2008

Google tastes the patients history in electronic form

In USA the web search company Google Inc. is occupied of testing online bank memory, in which people will can kipped their medical information, and will have their own access for 24h.
Soon, the Google Company has announced about their combined work with Cleveland Clinic, is leading Center of Medical Academy. Their combined work is specializing in exchange of medical information, which will help people to be owner of their medical report.
Electronic system will helped people to control their report, and they will contact with many doctors, medical workers and pharmaceutics.
Also Google is reported, that other their partners can be Insurance Company Aetna Inc., Medical laboratory Quest Diagnostics, pharmacy Walgreens and Walmart pharmacy, and other hospitals.
The Director-General of Google, Eric Schmidt, speaking at a conference Health care Information and Management Systems Society Conference in Orlando, Florida, described a system of information security, through which users can store their medical records on servers Google, having access to it through the network.

He said that access to medical information will need to specify a login and password. Schmidt also noted that privacy is a fundamental principle of the system.

«Your medical information is private and will not be available to anyone without your permission», - he said.

When asked whether the project will bring revenue to Google, Schmidt replied: «In the near future, no».

Google profits by selling advertising on popular Web resources. However, he refrained from advertising on sites such as Google News.

The company plans to indirectly profit from the services of storage of medical records, encouraging users to seek more medical information using search engine Google. Through this search, the company can sell more advertising.

«So many people who use our search engine, looking for information relating to health, we must succeed in this field», - said Schmidt.

Attempts to convert the medical information, is typically, stored on paper in various locations into a single electronic system for many years been in unavailing, partly because of security.

To date, only short part of hospitals and family doctors use medical information in electronic form. Google said that chose Cleveland Clinic as a partner because it already uses a system of electronic records.

Sources:Reuters Health

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